Convida offers you a wide portfolio with different options to choose the insurance that best suits your lifestyle and witch one you can be always protected.  With SURA insurance we help you to mobilize safely, either by car, motorcycle or bike.


The tranquility for you and your family is provided through health insurance in which you have unlimited access to exclusive, private and in network services; Enjoy exclusive attentions like consulting directly to a specialist doctor or perform imaging or radiology tests, without having to wait for an authorization from your EPS.


If you want to plan your dreams in the medium and long term, this insurance is your best ally to achieve it. 

With this insurance you acquire a culture of financial planning and at the same time you ensure the income that in a few years will complement your pension. We want to guarantee a backup capital so that your loved ones and you enjoy quality of life in the future.


When you have a home insurance you know that, whatever happens, you will preserve the heritage you have built over the years or the one you are initiating, so you protect the place where you live, the appliances and furniture, your personal items and even the clothing that You use every day. If at any time there is a fire, hurricane, hailstorm, flood, landslide, among other nature events, we refund the money for you to replace everything.


With the education insurance structures a payment plan to build a capital with which you can cover the costs of the educational plan that you want to secure for you or your loved ones in the future: primary, secondary, alternative or university studies, as are undergraduate, postgraduate or non-formal education. Keep in mind that this insurance is free of any financial obligation.


The support you need to meet your goals at a lower cost than financial institutions. Any financial institution will require life insurance to support a credit or loan you will receive. We believe in your dreams and give you peace of mind to endorse your insurance plan credit protected to any financial entity and with guarantees for you and your finances.


Our insurance portfolio is designed to support globally companies of all sizes and features. Let us advise you and accompany you! 
Our main focus is the responsible and comprehensive management of trends and risks, which enables the care of the heritage of your organization and its sustainability to the challenges of the future.


Insurance for everything you want to achieve. 
Because we know that your dreams and your autonomy are essential for you to feel full, we accompany you unconditionally so that you live intensely every moment. Protection is not only when you are missing, but even if your possibility of income is limited by an invalidity, a temporary disability due to an accident or a serious illness such as cancer or heart attack.